О себе

When pieces of a dream,
Come to life.
The words I need to speak,
Fail me, everytime, he's around.
The present and the past,
They collide.
I mix them up somehow.
My eyes are blind, in the dim,
And in the love I have for him...

I've gone chasing without
Reason or rime
It always turns out that it's
Him I wanna find
I've walked a million miles
I've turned this inside out
Just to stuff it right back in
But it's impossible to hide...

I'm done chasing without
Reason or rime
'Cause it always turns out
That there's nothing
There to find
I've walked a million miles, and
Now I've realized
You always push me down
Where it's impossible to find
My love... my looove... my looove... my looove...

In the end,
I know, where, to go...

© Therese Johansson, "LoWood" [ Song - "In The End" ]

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